What To Do When Your Brand Or Domain Name is Taken

domain name taken
A domain name you really wanted for your small business brand name is taken and now you are stuck finding the right one.
Honestly most of our clients with small businesses that come to DotPosh to get domain name or looking to brand their new business is because, domain name is taken or because domain name cost a lot of money.
Sometimes in life you just have to take a different path to achieve the same goal. Here is a quick story about the now popular service called DropBox.
Dropbox.com was originally taken by someone, Drew Houston who is the founder of Dropbox they registered a domain called getdropbox.com.
Once their small business got popular and there was proper funding, there was some legal battle around the dropbox.com domain and getdropbox.com became dropbox.com for $300K.
Now that said, that might not be the story you like to hear or pay for domain name that cost that much, because most of our small business clients that had budget in mind usually spent around $1000-8000 for a good domain name.
At DotPosh we try few different things that you can try on your own when domain name is taken.


Domain Name Squatters And How To Deal With Them

Business name squatters are people that register good domain names or domain names they know they will sell in near future.
To deal with a domain name squatter first, you need to find out who owns domain name you wish to buy by doing a WhoIs lookup.
Once then do some analysis how much is domain name really worth, in most cases, domain name squatters up-sale it to about 70% what domain name is really worth.
So if domain name owner is selling a domain name for $1000, reach out to them and offer them $300 and see where that conversation goes.
Most of the time when you propose an offer, they will decline the offer and propose for say $750. Keep your ground and wait a week or a month, and tell them that your last offer is $400.
In most cases, you will get a domain that is really worth $400 for $500 because domain name squatter has to make some money off it and also pay the fees and taxes.

Get Different Domain Name


Like GetDropBox, you might consider choosing a different domain name and sometimes even different extension than .com.
Most popular nowadays is .io domain name extension, startups love them and people are getting familiar with it.
That said, keep in mind that you are not breaking some laws such as copyright or trademark issues, because that could cost you more than $1000 domain name in first place.
DotPosh specialist check all of that so if you are interested in getting a domain name that has been taken by someone else, feel free to reach out to us and we will be glad to help you out.