Hot to Find Best Fitness Brand Name Ideas

Brainstorming a fitness brand name ideas someone would say it is easy, but once you start doing research, often enough you will find yourself spending days finding the right one.

At DotPosh we wrote many articles finding a perfect domain name, this blog post is more for those that look for brand names around fitness, health, gym, and overall good lifestyle.

Here are some key factors you need to consider before you start with branding your business or blog. 

Fitness Audience

Your audience is the key factor, without your clients, your business name can be whatever you want.

First, you need to segregate what kind of business you are going to be running. Is it a fitness gym, is it a training camp, who are your clients male, female or both? 

Once you find the answer, then you need to start thinking like your audience. What words make them say “This is it! I am going there!”. The first words that most come up are Fit or Fitness. 

In reality, you really want to stand out from the competitors and come up with something new, creative and like some of our clients say “edgy”. 

What about words like a leaf, evolve, bare, flex, lifts, athletic or body, those could work too right? 

For an example:

Red Leaf Gym
Blue Leaf Fitness

So find a name that is a bit more unique than just fitness + word, we are not saying its wrong however nowadays you need to think bit more out of the box.

Copyright or Trademark Brand Names

Before you even register your business, you really need to be careful with copyright material and trademark brand names.

This can get you in a lot of trouble either from start or down the road when a trademarked company finds out about your startup.  

There are many websites that can help you avoid getting into legal trouble by entering your brand name online for a business brand name you are trying to register. 

Brands and Social Media 

Say you found a great brand name, you register it and bought a domain name that goes with it. Then you go on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out that your brand name is used.

Great website to check for social media usernames is NameChecker

So those are some tips we can provide you today for you to find a perfect fitness brand name. Our specialists for domain name suggestions service check all of the above and more.