Business Name Generator To Avoid

Business Name Generator And General Store Name

Business name generators sometimes can help you find the right brand name as well as a domain name. However, name generators are just that, basically spinning up the names that you plugin as a keyword.

See about 5-6 years ago if not even longer, search engines changed their algorithm to avoid placing business names and domain names on the first page relative to their keywords.

What search engines focus nowadays is the content, authority, and quality of the website.

Back in the days, general business and startup names contained suffixes like mart, mall, place, world and online which sounded great at that time.

However, over the years that changed, because people wanted to be more creative, edgy and catchy.

So all in all if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should avoid domain name generators and business name generators and here is why.

Business Name Generators

Most of business name generators contain business words, so when you end up on some website, a programmer probably grabbed a list of most common keywords and created a website that takes your keyword+theirlist  = .

So now you there is a wave of business names and domain names that contain end keywords like online, ify,ist  etc.

Sometimes such domain names could come up as creative, but trust me 98% of the time it just sounds computer generated, and when your audience sees that.

Your audience will not trust your business and your business name, regardless of your authority, creativity, and website.

Here are a few more name generators samples by industry.

Clothing Brand Name Generator

Please tell me which business names sound better:

  • nordstorm, mavi, chantelle, dkny, escada, Rue21


  • OnePiece, WoodWood, Mandarina Duck, Joe Fresh, The North Face.

Well if you look at the business names by itself, top ones are much easier to brand because they do not sound like everyday words you use and they are shorter much easier to pronounce.

The only caveat when you start a business, your name might be misspelled like for example dkyn or dkny, nydk etc.

We could go on and on regards to business name generators, but two samples above I believe is enough to say that generators should be avoided at all cost, if possible that is!

In any case, coming with up and brainstorming business name can be tough and time-consuming. Here at DotPosh is what we do all day every day.

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