Find CryptoCurrency Domain Names For Your Business

Cryptocurrency or Blockchain domain names are hot right now, we know because our clients in cryptocurrency industry is on the rise.

We help many crypto owners, bloggers and crypto coin founders find perfect domain name by utilizing some of the tips we are going to share with you below.

cryptocurrency domain names

Cryptocurrency Domain Names

When you use a search engine and type in cryptocurrency blog you will notice that first results are about which blogs are best and not that many that pop out first.

That means there is a lot of room to wiggle around getting on google first page which drives massive traffic to your site.

Looking at some of the google keyword planner search results, most results come back as coin, crypto, blockchain, bitcoin, crypto news.

To serve the purpose of crypto news blog, personally we would settle with a words like coin or crypto.

Cryptocurrency domain names that are free to register would sound something like:

You however can settle for something like, we usually don’t recommend  such domains because its hard to brand it and its full of keywords.

What about founders and startup owners that want to name their company that provides crypto coin in blockchain industry?

When you look at top 1000 cryptos, there is literally coin for everything: GarlicCoin, PotCoin, ByteCoin, RedCoin.

As a founder, if your mission statement is to fix how solar blockchain transactions work, you would go with something that reflects that industry.

Finding Domain Name For Cryptocurrency 

  1. Because industry is relatively new, use words that reflect your industry
  2. Stay away from dashes numbers – most people will forget to type those in browser
  3. Aquire a .com domain and if you really like the name but .com is taken, then try going with .io
  4. Domain in our opinion should be between 7-12 characters – not too long but not too short
  5. Using domain name generators can help finding the right domain, however you will be stuck with generic domain name which is not creative as you will end up with domains like or
  6. Cryptocurrency domain names that you find should be pronounceable, so when you say it out loud to your friend, they would be able to type that in browser without mistake.
  7. Research takes time and can be stressful to find out that out of 500 domains you found only 2 are available.

We can help you find perfect domain name for your cryptocurrency blog or company and take that cryptocurrency domain name into our hands with tools that we build in house and knowledge that we gained for over a decade.