Real Estate Domain Names Research Easy Way

Real Estate Domain Names are hard to find especially if you want to brand it as company name. Our domain name research service we provide makes it bit easier for us to find because of our technologies we use in the backend.

Here are few tips we are going to share today with you on how to find the right real estate domain names.

real estate domain names

Real Estate Domain Names

1. Who is Your Audience

Audience is one of the main keys you need a really good domain name.
While most real estate companies are all around the world base their company name of a keywords such as realtor, real estate etc, some realtors own are very specific domains down to even a city. So if you are a realtor that is not going to expand their audience reach, go for domains that contain state or city – there are many of them available.

2. Branding Company Or Your Name

The question here is really simple, are you going to brand a company that will have multiple realtors or you are going solo? In either cases, make sure that domain is short and simple to pronounce. If your name is not available as .com , try adding suffixes like realtor, estate, property, housing etc. When we do our domain name research for realtors , we have a list of about 4000 words we can use to brand their name.

3. Pronounce Your Real Estate Domain Name

I can not stress enough how pronunciation is important , just imagine you are in a loud club or party talking to potential customer and say “I can totally help you find the house, I don’t have my business card on me but just go to mydomainas and click email” , potential customer goes home all excited about the realtor he/she met, types in browser mydomain and lands on totally different site. Well there goes one customer and about 1000 more over the next decade. When researching domains, make sure they are easy to spell, pronounce and easy to remember. What we do? We list about 200 domains that are suitable for our clients, then we run through software that spells it out in many accents and whichever sound best, we pick top 10 and those are ones we provide to our clients.

Feel free to email us if you have any more questions, we are always here to help you regardless if you chose us to do research or help you point into right direction.