Domain Name Renewals Can Be Expensive – Start Saving Money With These Tips

Domain name renewals can be expensive even more than what you originally paid for domain. Most domainers own hundreds and in some cases thousands of domains , now imagine paying $30 or more for .com renewal!

I have few hundreds of domains that I am renewing almost on daily basis, while most domains of mine are sold within one or two years some I decided to keep for long term investment as their appreciation grows by hundreds of dollars each year.

domain name renewals

Looking at some invoices cost of  $30-40 for renewing domains is quite painful, so every year I asses the cost of renewals vs sales, and because I buy domains from other people sometimes I transfer their domains  my accounts like Moniker however I eventually split my domains into few Registrars.

My new favorite domain registrar is Dynadot, their domain name renewal fees slashed domain renewal cost by 30% and when we are talking about hundreds of domains, that is a lot of money saved.

Lets take a look at their pricing vs others

Domain Name Renewals by Registrar

Cheapest .com domain renewals

 Crazy Domains $7.20
 Porkbun $8.84
 NameSilo $8.99
 Dynadot $9.00
 Espace2001 $9.20 $9.38 $9.45
 Uniregistry $10.88
 DreamHost $11.95 $11.99
 Dotology $11.99
 Google (US only) $12.00
 Namecheap $12.98
 Netfirms $13.49
 NetIm $14.00
 IWantMyName $14.90
 1&1 $14.99
 Hover $14.99
 GoDaddy $14.99
 Media Temple $15.00
 Directnic $15.00
 Dotster $17.49
 Easyspace $30.34

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While prices for domain renewals above sounds great to your wallet, most registrars  do change prices on regular basis, for example this year DynaDot had promo to renew domain for $6.99 and now it’s back to $8.99 yet $5 cheaper than say GoDaddy.

When you are picking a domain registrar to purchase domain names from, make sure to do some research before.

Quick criteria on what I look for in domain registrar when looking up reviews by actual customers.

Customer Service – If I call customer service, how long does it take for them to answer my phone call? Was it a pleasure to talk to them? Did they answer my questions ?

Security – While you are on call with customer service, what are some security questions they ask  before giving up some of the information or making changes to my account?  Does their website have 2 Factor Authentication?

Navigation – I changed at least 15 registrars within past decade, and some of Control Panels are so difficult to follow and I can just imagine how hard it is for someone that is not technical as I am.  Looking at you GoDaddy 🙂

So I hope you save some money by renewing domain name next time, and to save time finding a perfect domain name idea, check us out at DotPosh. Prices above for domain name renewals change from time to time, please make sure to lookup the pricing chart on given registrars. Most registrars do have domain name renewals price list right on their website, also don’t forget to google for coupons, sometimes those can help you with total.