5 Domain Name Ideas Tips And Tricks To Focus On

domain name ideas

To get Domain Name Ideas one must be creative and somewhat an expert in domain industry. And if you are to get a .com domain name, it gets even harder. 


It is hard to pick a right domain name because longer time ago people started using keywords for domain names and lately for past say decade most startups these days pick something that is easy to pronounce, it’s short and in most cases meaningless.

Here are few tips and tricks to find domain name ideas for your startup or blog or even current company. In our next post we will go much deeper into though process on but for now lets stick to these 5 tips.

1. Short Domain Names

Reason to focus on short domain names is because most people when they type your domain name in their browser are likely to misspell and maybe even land on your competitors website. Not only misspelling is the issue, people tend not to remember domains that are longer than say 15 characters , so stay focused on domains between 6-12 characters.

That is unless you go for some keyword domain names, that makes the research bit easier as most people will remember key(words)

2. Catchy Domain Names

A lot of articles you might’ve read speak about catchy domain names, but what does that really mean?  When we do research on catchy domain name ideas we tend to pretend that we are at the Mall yelling your Business or Startup Name, out of 1000 people  we ask ourselves how many did turn their heads around.

Catchy domain name ideas also represent branding, whether its with the music or repetitive slogan “Apply it to your forehead” — I bet you heard that infomercial!

And last but not least, make catchy stick out – example would be “this is why I am broke” – domains like that have niche audience and that is exactly what you need to look out for.

3. Pronounceable Domain Names

This one is very important to focus on as you do not want people to think is it pronounced with K or C  etcetera.

To avoid that, try to stay away from domains that would start with say K or C or J and something similar to that, reason behind it is for people not to mistype or ask you how you spell your domain name. Best way would be to call your friends you trust and ask. Hi John, I’ve been looking for some names for one of my projects – what do you think of name XYZ ? If he/she says can you repeat that? Or how do you spell that? – You might’ve need to reconsider domain name you picked.

4. Memorable Domain Names

Just like catchy domain names, memorable domain names are the ones that stick with you, your family and your visitors. Sometimes using familiar words like cloud or key or something like that is probably good to go with.

5. Domain Name Extension

I can not stress this enough but for the love of god, please go with TLD (top level domains) such as .com .net and try to stay away from .io , .guru or whatever else is out there. Reason I say that is because many browsers including mobile phones DO NOT HAVE AUTOCOMPLETION for anything but TLDs. In my opinion startups that pick .online or .guru for domain name extension seem less credible to me because they have not through their business value and business branding through. There is a rare case such as dropbox.com, they used to own getdropbox.com once they got popular, they bough dropbox.com so there is that.

I hope these 5 Domain Name Ideas tips and tricks helped you clear some of the burden you might stumble upon while researching domain names. And as always, we are here to help you find the best domain name ideas.