Creative Domain Name Ideas for Startups

creative domain name ideas

Everyone is trying to compete online with finding creative domain name ideas. Researching available domains is hard and very time consuming  and we know that because we do research for our clients on daily basis.

Back ten years ago, finding a cool domain name was somewhat easy because there were still domains that had some meaning as well as short. However with ecommerce providers like shopify and wordpress plugins woocommerce – everyone can sell products and services online.

To stand out from the crowd you need to find creative ways of acquiring the right domain name idea for your business, startup or even blog. In few sections below we are going to explain how you can find creative domain name ideas.

Finding Creative Domain Name Ideas

  1. Domain Name Generators – personally we are not very keen on generators because most of them are providing you domains with prefixes and suffixes + your keyword. However they can inspire you to find better domains
  2. Lookup Current Competition – You can use competition and lookup how they branded their startup or blog. Google it or search on ProductHunt
  3. Keep it Short and Simple – Short domain names work better because they serve two good factors. Easy to remember and easy to write in address bar.
  4. Meaningful Domain Names – You don’t need to go for meaningful names to be creative, look at Zappos, Macys, Kohls etc .. all are short and simple.
  5. Brandable is Way To Go – Domains with keywords are rarely a ‘brand’  – when you brand look for names like Uber so you can brand it as Uberx, UberPool etc.
  6. Stay Away From Hyphens and Numbers – domains with hyphens and numbers are in general bad idea, unless you for for something like
  7.  Go With .com –  Dot Com domains are preferred by many factors such as browsers suggestions, even your phone if you click on . it will suggest to go with .com , .net … however hype right now is around .io domains.

If you follow these 7 informative facts above, you are very well  on your way to find better domain than most people. Online you will see people talk about generators and using keywords etc, most of those articles are old and outdated or better yet: They are not in Domaining Industry like we are.

Need help finding domain name ideas?