How to Find Best Company Name Suggestions

company name suggestions

Company name suggestions can be tricky because there are many factors involved in it. The first question is should domain name be same as company name?

In most cases yes, that is desirable however there are cases out there that domains do not match the company name and one of the reason is because domain is already taken.

DotPosh thrives to help you get the best domain names that match your company name because after all you are the one that will grow with it and brand it.

I kind of explained in few articles on domain name suggestions which rules do apply pretty much as to company name, however few things to consider are these.

5 Rules to Stick With For Company Name Suggestions

  1. Know Your Audience (short and long term audience)
  2. Write down 100 company names you would name your business or product , go over the list 3 times and each time say them out loud.
    The names that don’t sound good to you – remove it from the list.
    If you are scared to share the list with others, feel free to reach out to us and we will look over the names you have and give some suggestions for free.
  3. Don not use Domain Name Generators – Most of them are useless and you will end up like thousands of same named businesses. BE Creative BE unique when picking company name suggestions for yourself.
  4. Avoid using long names anything over 12-13 characters is way too long, stick to 7-10 characters as it will help you with domain too.
  5. If Uber is cool name, don’t got for UberSweets or something like that – stay away from trademarks and big corp names.

If you are still stuck with all that, send us an email at [email protected] and let us know what kind of company you have in mind to open, and what other names you like. We would be glad to help.