How To Pick Fashion Blog Name Ideas

Picking the right fashion blog name ideas or name ideas for your startup on say shopify could be exhausting and time consuming. Below we picked 5 fashion domain name ideas we think are good and mostly generic for all type of fashion.

But before you go there and take some of them , lets dive deep into what kind of audience is going to visit your website and what type of domain you should go for.

1.Identifying Your Audience

If you are already into fashion than you should already know what your audience likes, which websites do they go to shop and what trends they follow. But what if you are into specific niche like say goth shoes ?

If your blog or shop is going to be generic, our suggestion is always to go with short domain name and maybe have some meaning to it like for example  but something more specific niche would be

One is more generic name while “Lifestyle Atlanta” is very demographic oriented.

Think longterm: Will you be branding your fashion blog with products, services or ads?

If say you do not live in Atlanta should you be blogging about “Lifestyle in Atlanta”  – those are all the things to consider when connecting and identifying your audience. Because at the end of the day, you need to build authority and trust which equals success!

2. Meaningful or No Meaning Domain Names

Google, Zappos, Etsy etc.. have really ‘no meaning’ in their domain names but they sound awesome are easy to spell out and remember, are easy to brand and have multiple services and products that they provide.

When you are picking domain name like that has no meaning then domain should have  two and at most three syllables.

3. Keyword Domain Names

This one is up for a debate however, people to this date pick names for their blog that have high search volume and think “oh because my domain name is fashionblog now i’ll rank No.1 in Google” WRONG!.

Back in the days before [insert animal] penalties on google, they de-ranked domains with keywords unless they have good authority, backlinks and most importantly Quality of Content!

Example for fashion keyword blog domain is  – blog is ranking high but not because of keyword “fashion blog” but because of good content.

I personally would stay away exact keyword search domain names, unless its shorter and people will type it in address bar.

4. Catchy Funny and Memorable Domain Names

Something funny, catchy and memorable domains are my favorite to work with, because it works both ways, for broad and niche specific audience. At the end of the day, you want them to remember your domain name. Like I said in one of the blog posts.

When you leave the party, you want people to remember your domain name and talk about in positive tone.

A good example would be: This is Why I’m Broke – No keyword domain, domain is funny, easy to spell and people talk about it all over the internet because it provides cool and useless gadgets of all type.

5.Picking Fashion Blog Name Ideas

At DotPosh we would take more factors into consideration when picking the best fashion blog name ideas, we do this because we love startups, blog enthusiasts and more importantly we love to help our clients.

As promised here are few domain names that are free to register that come to our mind.

For we would pick logo something like this.
fashion blog name ideas

If you already own fashion blog, what domain name did you pick and why?