How Reselling Domain Names Works For Profit

Reselling Domain Names

Domain name brokers for past two decades became millionaires by reselling domain names for profit. There are many ways to earn money on internet, but one of the ways it is becoming popular is with flipping domain names. Domains are simply URLs that can be purchased to create websites. There are many ways to buy domain names and earn money, and the benefits can vary from very modest income to huge payments.

Copyright Material Domains

Domain names can be purchased online in many different places. Some sell unused or available domain names, and others sell premium TLD with the potential for traffic or profits. One important thing to remember is to never buy a name that contains copyrighted material.

Most startups fail because they buy domain name with extensions like .io etc.. There are companies that strive to protect the image and the name of their products and can sue anyone who tries to “steal” the name of their product and use it unauthorized in a URL.

Parking Domain Names

One of the simplest ways to earn money with basic URLs is to “park” them. This is perfect for people who have URLs with highly requested keywords, but who do not want to do a resale job or create a website. By “parking” them in place and verifying their contents by the parking source, the owner earns money through advertising fees.

The amount is usually not very high, but mass URL parking can increase total revenue.

Buy Cheap Sell High

To go a little further, it is the “domain change” system. It is the strategy to buy a cheap URL and then sell and resell it with profit. If it is interesting or easy to score, then it is worth the money. The same applies when it comes to an exact match for a keyword with a high search volume in search engines in a profitable niche. Cheap domains can be purchased and resold on sites such as GoDaddy, Sedo,Flippa and Moniker. Many marketers create their own websites where they offer or auction premium URLs and sites.

Traffic equals Profit

Another method that can be very profitable is “returning the site”. It is very similar to the domain change, but it takes a little more effort. However, it also has the potential to generate more profits. In this strategy, after buying a good domain, the buyer sets up a website that attracts visitors and advertisers.

Once the site has shown that it receives a lot of traffic and is potentially profitable, it is worth more money and can be sold at a higher price, which is called domain flipping. Think of it as house flipping, you buy house for less, you fix few things and resell it for more.

There are also ways to make money with websites without having to sell them. This could be setting up a website and selling advertising space, or creating a membership site where visitors have to pay to access all or part of the website.