Find Perfect Domain Name Ideas for Shopify Store

Branding your product or service on Shopify is one of the first things you will need to come up with. Finding a Domain Name Ideas for Shopify store is not easy.

There are many factors that you need to count in for it to be a perfect domain name .

Let’s dive deep into why naming a domain for you is crucial to your startup or blog.

Say you are looking domain name idea for Shopify store about jewelry and your google search leads you to domain name generator.

You enter the word jewelry, accessories etcetera and result from you get are something like this.

domain name generator for shopify

Now tell me would you pick any of the 15 domain names above to be your Shopify domain name for Shopify store?

If your answer is yes, then you really need to think about your audience, product branding and product services you are about to sell.

We wrote an article on how important is to get the right domain name ideas so that later on you do not spend money on rebranding your business or confuse your visitors if you are selling.

One example would from above would be “” educational jewelry or jewelry for men and women.

Niche specific domain name ideas

Domain names usually contain very specific keywords in your domain such as

Funny and Catchy domain ideas.

Domain names that sound bit funny yet are catchy because it brings attention, like for example: (This is why I’m Broke) – this type of domain relates to people that love to spend money on all kind of things, therefore creator of that domain did a really good job

Short and Sweet:

Short domain names are expensive especially if we talking about 3-4 character domains without numbers and dashes, I have few for safety net and the value year after year keeps on growing. Example: Bitly, you can go to or it will lead you to the same site – creator of this domain wanted to have a short domain name, not pay $250K for say and yet provide a service for shortening long links.

What if you want all of the above? Which is nowadays most common due to keyword domains being taken, short and sweet is expensive and funny and catchy could be misrepresented.

So for us, jewelry domains names for Shopify store would be something like this:
Domains above are short, sweet, easy to pronounce and cool logos to brand with. – although your name might not be ‘kaya’ you could brand it as such

So I hope you get the point that sometimes when naming a domain it is not about how cool it is, it is more about how your audience will use it, memorize it and visit it without needing to use a search engine.