Finding Awesome Real Estate Domain Name Ideas

real estate domain name ideas

Finding real estate domain name ideas is not as easy as you might think .When you are realtor in particular area, you want to stand out in search engine, because nowadays clients of yours first hit the web and then they look for domains that are similar such as zillow, realtor etc.

Here are few rules you should follow when choosing the right domain name.

1. Branding Your Company or You

When branding your company with domain property, you should look more for generic domain than, so instead go for domains that have two and max three words such as,

2. Keep it Short and Simple

Although many web lurkers will just click on domain from facebook, search engines and other sites, some do prefer to type links to your website. So keep your domain name as short as possible unless it has meaning. Shorter domains are very hard to find unless you have some budget for it.

3. Memorable and Catchy Links

This one ties with rule no.2 – keep it simple and short however memorable domains are something that people even after 2 years will remember. If truck on the street passes by with  a logo ad, do you remember them all or some? Nothing different when you are picking domain name for your site. Some say to stay away from humor and stay simple – I beg the difference! Two Men and A Truck is funny, memorable and caught my attention for next time I am moving!

4. Be Creative Be Different Be Edgy

I personally like short domains under 10 characters with possible one english word and 2 syllables max 3. Domains I like Zil/low, Tru/li/a .. It has no word or resemblance to real estate but they rank high because they know how marketing works and how their domains sound.

5. Let Clients Talk About You

When you leave party, you want those that are left the party to say positive things about you and remember you by name, with business domain names is nothing different! You want it to sound right, easy to spell.

Here are domain name ideas that are free to register and I really like for realtors

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