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Long long time ago entrepreneurs mostly based their domain names on keywords, and for past say 5-10 years startups took a big shift on how they get their domain name suggestions from generators or doing own research.

Majority of domains back in the days would start like: moneymaking or bloggersphere or b2bcompany and now you have etsy,bitly,zappos,moz and catchy easy to remember domains. What prompted most companies to keep their domains short (under 7 characters) , easy to remember (2 words or 2 syllables) , catchy (something easy to pronounce and spell) and memorable (flippa — flipping something) is the fact that SEO changed and also a lot of good keyword domain names are now registered by domain squatters (at least good ones).

About 5-6 years ago Google and other Search Engines started to change their search algorithm where keyword based domain names would not rank better than say etsy for keyword like “custom cufflinks”. So naturally startups started to adopt domains that are short and easy to remember with at least some meaning to it. And now that meaningful 4-5 character .com domains are gone, you are seeing an uptick trend in domain extensions like .io.

Domain brokers can easily still find thousands and thousands of free to register domains because they know the market and they know what is trending as well as what is good for branding a startup, while others might go and buy favorite .com on and spend hours and hours researching and finding good suggested domains for their startup or even blog.

Domain Name Suggestions

First and foremost think about the products or services you will be selling online as well as who is your audience! That will tell you wheather you should go for short, sweet and memorable domain or for domain that has one or two keywords + some preffix/suffix.

Here is our own example: – at first when you think about DOT POSH you can’t really tie any meaning to it  but if you seperate the two words and look it up , there is some meaning to it. DOT  or period  which comes with all domain extensions (dot)com, (dot)io,(dot)net etc.. POSH – synonyms: smart, stylish, fancy, high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive .. I think you get the idea ?
While we currently offer only one service domain name suggestions , our plan is to expand our startup into much more broader array of services that will help startups get up and running.  So there you have it, DotPosh – easy to remember, catch, memorable and super short.

When we lookup domains for our clients we start questioning  them with what type of audience is going to be visiting them?

What is the demographic of that audience such as age, location and gender?

Just few questions above are very important things to know about your audience because you want them to remember you.  You want to brand it in a way like you left your friends party and people at the party talk positively about you.

So when you are digging into own domain name research, checkout some of those domain name generators but don’t dwell too much time on it, because at the end of the day most of those will give you keyword based domains which nowadays are not so much good for SEO or your ‘product’ name right?

If you already own business or startup or blog, how did you come up with your domain name?

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