5 Facts You Should Know About Domain Name Generator

Domain Name GeneratorsThe Domain Name Generator can be put to good use and get your domain you might fall in love with.

However, domain name generators do not know who your audience is, your business industry belongs to and many other factors.

Domain Name Generator Facts Do’s and Don’ts

Domain Name Generators combines your search keyword with some other word, so if you have a pet store business and search for a pets domain name.

The Domain Name Generator would combine something like PetInteractive or PetAffiliate.

Remember domain name generators do not know who your audience is, therefore it will pick some random words that have nothing to do with your audience and find you available domain names that are long, hard to remember etc..

Some name generators offer different domain name extensions like .io . ly .guru etc. – You found the right domain name ‘Yeeey’.

A few months later some Brand company with the same name, that has a trademark and owns  .com .net and could shut you down. This happens a lot, so be careful when buying different domain name extensions.

Finds you SEO domain names – you might find an exact word domain name for your blog or business, that’s nice. However, the theory of having an exact keyword domain name and rank high on search engines has been a long time debunked.

Search engines are now Answer Engines. You look for something, they find you an answer. SEO comes from good and quality content as well as the awesome authority that is built over time.

Don’t get me wrong, domain name generators can help and you might find the right domain name, however, most likely you will spend hours of finding that right domain name.

If you need a domain name, let me help you. I can connect with your audience, I will understand what you are looking for and let us face it. I am a human  –  not some <code></code> :). Head over to DotPosh and get a domain name you need!