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Back in late 90′ and early 2000′ nobody really paid attention to register domain names for their business or to find domain name. However, few years later we found the niche and started helping people find the right domain names. Not only did we provide them awesome domains, but we also built their websites and managed their traffic. Today I would like to spend some time with you discussing the current importance of tying business name to domain name.

Find Domain name

Lets start with surrounding!

If you are somewhere in public, look around you, how many people do you see – heads down and scrolling on their phones? I would say probably good 20-30% if not more! Those people you see with the phone are someone’s customer!

If you don’t have the right domain name, that is easy to pronounce, catchy and possibly short! Someone out there with all those things is waaaayy ahead of you and here is why!

Social Network and Sharing

Oh man! People love to share their good and bad experience about service they’ve received recently. They go on all kind of websites to share it, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, Twitter, Google for Business and many other sites. Although some think that if people share bad experience they should not acquire business domain name, I think the opposite! You need to find why your customers are complaining , not just by receiving a phone call , but them openly discuss the matter. Then, you can also go on sites like Yelp and leave a response for customer and engage with them and solve the conflict.

Having a domains is good, I own probably few hundred but that’s because I am in domaining industry for very long time, however I do have my private domain names that I registered long time ago. I registered my kids name, I registered wife’s name , I have online portfolio for people to read about my current adventures and work. And then I have domain names that are more business oriented , one for web services and applications I am building, then few for data analytics. So yeah! I have lots of domains and I share many of those online via social networks – the more exposure the better feedback I get.

Find Domain Name You Will Love

At DotPosh that’s all we do, we find you the right domain name you will need for your blog, business or just to resell it down the road. We mentioned on our home page that we helped many clients, and while you might think you gave all your best to find the right domain name, we might have surprise or two for you.

I would like to remember this article and know what why we stand out from others.

  • We don’t use bogus domain name generators that spit out random domain names.
  • We have over 10 years experience in domain industry.
  • Our focus is not only to find you keyword domain names, our focus is to find you ones that are short, catchy and most importantly….memorable! We want your clients to remember the domain
  • One of the biggest mistakes Startups nowadays make: They picked the wrong domain name, they try to elevator pitch the startup to an investor – And investor goes home asking: What was that business or domain name again?? Twkwzz..IO ?  Zvarrski.com ?   – We will find you awesome domain!
  •  You met this cool business guy and you hand him over a “business” card.. First thing they ask: Here can I visit your site? Would like to read about your product tonight.   — We can find you really cool domain name for your business or blog.

Thanks for stopping by, head over to our home page, and get that domain name you need to build today!